Asymmetric And Symmetric 400W Basketball Court LED Floodlights

This versatile LED outdoor sports and area floodlights are suited to exterior lighting projects, including construction site lighting, sports arena lighting, building exterior lighting, etc.
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  • Lumen:

  • Light Source:

  • Beam Angle:

    10°/30°/60°/90°/120°/TYPE Ⅱ/TYPE Ⅲ
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Product Item: Asymmetric And Symmetric 400W Basketball Court LED Floodlights


Ranging from 10W to 400W and with high brightness original Lumileds LED and multi choices of high efficiency optics, this series of super slim sports and area LED floodlights deliver up to 120-130lm/W total luminaire system efficiency. With more industrial design, this series of LED projector maintains the same levels of safety, durability and warranty at a lower cost. 
This series of streamline slim floodlights optimizes the latest thermal management and LED lighting technology to deliver the most powerful and robust flood lighting for interior and exterior lighting applications, even under extreme environments like for coastal area lighting, island outdoor lighting, harbor security lighting, etc. 


Model SR-FLS-400W
Lumen Output
Light Source
Beam Angle
10°/30°/60°/90°/120°/TYPE Ⅱ/TYPE Ⅲ(25°/40° available)
LED Driver
Input Voltage
AC 100-305V, 50/60Hz
Power Factor
IP Rating
IK Rating IK08
Die-cast Aluminum, Tempered Glass
5 years

  • Available in 10W, 20W, 30W, 50W, 70W, 100W, 150W, 200W, 300W, and 400W to replace traditional HID Floodlights. 
  • Backed by high lumen output Lumileds Luxeon LED and highly efficient optics, the lamp has super high luminous efficacy up to 120-130 lumens per Watt system efficacy.
  • Custom optics with various beam angles, both asymmetric distribution and symmetric distribution: 10°/30°/60°/90°/120°/Type II/Type III.
  • Unbeatable temperature control with the streamline design of heat dissipation fins at the back. Excellent air convection and high quality thermal management to maintain life and efficiency.
  • High efficient Mean Well driver to ensure lamp reliability, 6KV surge protection, additional SPD(surge protection device) also available to ensure durability in harsh environments.
  • Intelligent options: DALI dimmable floodlights, microwave sensor floodlights, daylight sensor floodlights, Zigbee LED floodlights.
  • Long lifespan without maintenance, easy self-clean streamline design lamp body and reinforced glass.  
  • IK08 and IP66, corrosion resistance anodisation for corrosive and high-salt atmosphere lighting application. 
  • Suitable for  wall mounting, ground mounting, ceiling mounting, and pole mounting. 
  • The high lumen output slim high mast floodlights are widely used for large-area lighting applications, such as large heavy-industry zone lighting, building facade lighting, shipping container terminal lighting, airport lighting, large car sales distribution center lighting, manufacturing and storage area lighting, motorway and intersection lighting.  

Landscape Lighting LED Floodlighting Luminaires Low Glare

Billboard Floodlight LED Lighting 30W 50W 100W 200W 300W 400W

Sports Lighting Ledvance Floodlights Equivalent

Lighting Distribution:

Lumileds SMD3030(recommended): 30°, 60°, 90°, 90x150°.

Asymmetrical Symmetrical Beam Floodlights LED Lens

Construction Site LED Floodlights Size Energy Saving


Flexible in installation, it can be mounted on wall, ground, ceiling and lamp poles. 

400W Sports LED Floodlights Mounting Post Installation

Soccer Pitch LED Flood Lights 300W 400W Lamp


Sports facilities lighting, harbour lighting, beach lighting, exhibition hall lighting, warehouse exterior lighting, factory lighting, museum lighting, retail outlet lighting, car-park lighting, footpath lighting, garden lighting. 

Soccer Field Lighting 400W Floodlights for High Masts

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