What Is An Excellent Padel Court Lighting Design
Dec. 18th, 2017

Outdoor Paddle Tennis Court Lighting LED Projectors

Padel is a fast-growing sport in the whole world with more people interested. Padel court lighting design can refer to tennis lighting design standards, the European Standard EN 12193 to enable padel players with good viewing conditions and good game comfort, which is sports facilities lighting main purpose.

But what makes an excellent padel court lighting? An excellent paddle court sports lighting floodlight shall be selected based on following points:

• to maximize lighting uniformity and maintain lighting performance

• to optimize visual performance for both players and audience.

• to best reduce glare and limit spill light.

The lighting design of a padel court must also be high uniformly and high luminous luminosity. Sports lighting brightness and uniformity are both important for a professional sport lighting design.

Paddle courts illumination requirements are divided into three classes:

Class I: Top-level national or international competitions with requirements for audience usually with long viewing distances.

Class II: Mid-level regional or local club tournament competitions or high-level training with medium-sized numbers of spectators with average viewing distances.

Class III: Low-level local or small club tournaments competitions that does not usually involve audience. It also involves recreational activities, school sports, and general training.

The illuminance requirements (lux) are practically identical to the one of tennis court lighting standards.

The following shows the minimum standards according to the European Standard for Sports Lighting:

Lighting Class

Horizontal Illuminance(lux)














For your padel court lighting project, we offer the right high wattage sports LED lighting solution for each of the lighting classes. Which model to choose and what lamp configuration to apply are based on your project requirements as well as your project budget. The lighting simulation is also available on request.

For any questions, just give us a call or send an email.

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