What Need to Consider Before You Buy A High Bay Light?
Feb. 7th, 2018

Indoor Sports Training Centre High Bay UFO LED Lighting Application

High Bays are designed to provide well distributed light for open and spacious areas. Usually they are for factory lighting, warehouse lighting or other building interior lighting which usually the luminaires are installed at a considerable height.

Unlike LED low bays, which is best suited to lower mounting heights with lens angles usually wide to spread the lighting, LED high bay lights usually have different lighting distribution, narrow light beam, medium light beam or wide light beam for different lighting applications and mounting heights. Now a new multi-bay light is even more powerful, with different optical lighting distribution, it can be used as both high bay light or low bay light.

Choosing the right LED bay lighting fixture matters because using the wrong fixture can result in unnecessary costs or improper lighting effect, like installing a high bay in a low-ceiling area, or a low bay in a high-ceiling area.

LED Low Bay Lighting

LED High Bay Lighting

Ordinary LED High Bay Light

UFO LED High Bay Light

LED Linear High Bay Light

Mainly for low ceiling lighting application: Luminaire mounting height usually lower than 15-20feet.

Any place suitable for high bay lighting, lamp mounting height usually higher than 15-20 feet.

Any place that requires high bay lighting but with limited space or which requires low profile lamp body, or for aesthetics.

For narrow space lighting or oblong area lighting. With various light beam angles, it can also be applied for general lighting purpose.

Low ceiling lighting
Underground car park lighting
Underground passage lighting
Small warehouse lighting
Building interior lighting
Building attics lighting
Auto showroom lighting
Villa corridor lighting
Assembly line lighting
Farm Lighting

Industrial plant lighting
Factory production light lighting
Warehouse lighting
Gym lighting
Water distribution station lighting
Toll station lighting
Logistics centre lighting
Railway station lighting
Airport check-in hall lighting
Hospital/Hotel lobby lighting

Library lighting
Warehouse aisle lighting
Narrow corridor lighting
Workshop lighting
Production area lighting
Assembly line lighting
Recreational facilities lighting
Conference hall lighting
Event center lighting
Supermarket Lighting

Our LED high bay lights provide optimal performance for both industrial lighting and commercial lighting applications, such as factories, warehouses, logistic centres, airport halls, railway station waiting room, gymnasium, sports training centres, etc. Each series of our LED high bay lights has its unique features, small with compact size for limited installation space, some with high efficiency and lumen output, some for narrow light beams for strengthened lighting for a focused area, and some with rectangular lighting distribution for a narrow area lighting.

Then what need to consider before you buy a proper LED high bay light?

1. Proper LED High Bay Light Model and Wattage:

Classic design LED high bay lights are available from 30W to 500W for ordinary industrial or commercial lighting, but high power models can be 500W to 1000W for gym interior or exhibition center lighting, mounting height can be 30m to 40m, or even higher.

LED UFO high bay luminaires are rugged high bay fixtures with compact size. Most UFO bay lights are round shape, but we also have square shape design, both in the shape of a flying saucer. They are designed to replace both high bay and low bay MH(metal halide), HID(high-intensity discharge) and HPS(high pressure sodium) high bay lamps. Shineray LED UFO high bays cover wattage from 30W to 400W. Higher power high bay lights in round UFO design can also be available in 400W, 500W, 600W, 800W, 1000W, 1200W, and 1500W. They can also be used as LED stadium lights, usually for sports stadium or gym lighting,

LED linear high bays can easily replace metal halide high bays or T5 and T8 fluorescent fixture high bays in gymnasiums and warehouses, usually ranges from 50W to 600W. These linear high bays with low profile are designed to accurately illuminate narrow aisles and racking areas for industrial warehouse lighting applications, or for general lighting for spacious areas in groups. These fixtures are larger than a UFO LED fixture. The linear LED high bay light fittings' light distribution is precision tailored through application of interchangeable optical lenses. By casting an oblong lighting distribution pattern, light can be directed exactly where needed.

Before you high bay lighting project, you need to do a lighting simulation or evaluate all the related installation conditions, then decide what kind of LED high bay fixture needed to install.

How to Choose LED High Bay Lighting Fixtures in Warehouse Lighting and Industrial Lighting

2. Adequate Lumen Output/Luminous Efficacy

LED high bay fixture luminous efficacy is an important factor to evaluate the lamp's efficiency. It indicates the lumens output produced for a certain wattage, while this means the amount of electricity that will be consumed. Compared with traditional HID, MH, or HPS high bay lighting luminaires, LED highbay can save over 70% of your energy bill.

Shineray has a variety of high bay LED lighting fixtures with different levels of luminous efficacy. Some are economical lighting fixtures with 100-120lm/W but competitive prices that help save your project budget, while some are premium performance high luminous efficacy models with 130lm/W-180lm/W that help save more energy than lower efficiency units.
This is difference between initial cost and long-term savings. For certain models, the savings of a higher luminous efficacy model over its life span is more than the purchasing cost for a lower luminous efficacy model. Therefore, whether to choose a super high luminous efficacy high bay fixture or a lower one will depend on your project and your budget.

3. Proper Light Distribution

High bay lighting distribution can be reflected by the beam angle. For low ceiling height high/low bay lamp installation, wide beam angle like 120° is needed so that the light can be distributed well over the area.

While for very high mounting height of highbay luminaire mounting, narrow beam will be better, it produces concentrated lighting. Narrow or medium beam angles like 45°, 60°, or 90° make the light more intense and focused, and delivers light to the floor and work platform instead of waste.

For those warehouse aisle lighting or passage lighting, asymmetric high bay lights like 30*70°, 60*90° or 70*140° will be needed, such oblong lighting distribution can best utilize the light within the area and avoid light waste.

Before purchase, customers need to make clear of the details and requirements of the area to be illuminated, and for large project, lighting contractors are suggested to make professional lighting simulation to make sure excellent high bay lighting with the right beam angle luminaires.

Warehouse Lighting Design UFO LED Lights Cool White Color CRI 80

Library Lighting Design Warehouse Ilumination High Bay Lighting Case Study

4. Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT) and Color Rendering Index (CRI) Options

Highbay lighting is usually for sports, industrial or commercial lighting. Choosing the right color temperature can make a big difference in selecting a lamp that’s appropriate for the space you wish to illuminate.

Adequate color temperature high bay lights with proper color rendering index can best ensure the smooth running of industrial and commercial activities, improve productivity, and reduce accidents resulting from poor lighting.

Warehouse Warm White Neutral White Daylight High Bay Lighting

The above picture shows the comparison of different CCT for a warehouse LED lighting. 3000K warm white lighting, 4000K neutral white lighting, and 5000K daylight lights gives different visual effect. 4000K neutral white warehouse lighting looks clean and good to increase contrast, usually for large warehouses.

But in more industrial settings, and for higher intensity lighting, higher color temperatures 5000K high bay lighting is accepted. Traditional metal halide lights (HID) have been always used for this application, but now LED high bay lighting can do this job more efficiently. Some customers may also need 6000K or 6500K cold white warehouse lighting to maximize the illuminance. This is always used for warehouse which needs high level of brightness for work.

Highbay LED Warehouse Light Color Temperature 3000K 4000K 5000K 5700K 6000K 6500K

Color rendering index, CRI, is another important index for light quality.
It tells us how well a light source will reveal colors when compared to sunlight (the ideal light source). When it comes to high intensity discharge lamps (HID), people usually complain about one thing: poor light color. Light color is important in high bay applications. It has a huge impact on clarity and contrast. Most popular CRI of high bay Light fixtures are CRI 70 and 80.

5. Dimmable LED High Bay Fixtures/Non-dimmable LED High Bay Fixtures

When it comes to the options of LED high bay lighting, consumers can choose dimmable high bay lights or non-dimmable high bay lights. Dimmable highbays can be set to lower or higher lighting levels depending on your lighting preference for different lighting requirements.

Dimmable high bay lights will be a little higher in cost than those non-dimmable lamps. LED high bay lighting dimming options: 1-10V dimming/ DALI dimming, etc.
PIR and microwave motion sensors can be added with the dimmable drivers to make the lights into an intelligent control high bay luminaire, it will turn on the luminaire on when any motion is detected and off / dimmed when no activity is detected within the detection radius.

Motion Sensors and other controls can greatly reduce lighting costs by turning off or dimming the lights when people leave the area. This is very necessary for logistics centre, large warehouse or storage area lighting where large quantity of lights are installed and the power consumption is high, but workers only need lighting whenever there is goods arrival or shipping.

To dim, high bay fixtures need a 0-10V/1-10V dimmable driver. Dimming LED fixtures does not affect the lifespan of the luminaire. And if you want to save additional costs, dimming will save you even more money!

PIR Sensor Highbay Lights DALI Dimmable Sensor LED High Bay Lighting

6. Ingress Protection Rating

IP rating designates a fixtures ability to keep out both dust and water. For different lighting applications, different IP level will be needed. For ordinary general high bay lighting, IP40, IP44, IP54 will be OK, but for damp, moist or wet conditions, you will need IP65. Generally speaking, IP65 is all you will need for all high bay lighting applications. Shineray IP65 UFO high bay luminaires can be installed both externally and internally and will provide protection from rain water and water jets.

For industrial or commercial lighting, choosing the right LED high bay luminaires can save smore energy, reduce carbon emission, lower your electricity bill, and also enhance work efficiency. All above factors are what you need to consider before you make the purchase order. For any more questions, please contact us at

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