Our industrial LED lighting solution offers luminaires for the most severe environments such as steel mills, food processing plants, paper mills and even military bases. Backed by world class LED brands and drivers, our luminaries provide excellent lighting performance with higher safety, lower cost and more energy savings, and most importantly, strengthened durability in any harsh environment.

LED IndustriaL Lighting Warehouse UFO High Bay Lightinig

Our warehouse LED lighting covers both indoor and outdoor warehouse LED lighting solutions to ensure customers have reliable, efficient and innovative lighting no matter what kind of work space you have.

We offer a wide range of floodlight, high bay and low bay lights for most complicated lighting applications inside and outside of warehouse.

For warehouse outside illumination, our high lumen output new floodlight (at 10W to 300W) will give you a bright lighting outside or at the entrance of the warehouse, ensuring safe and efficient working at the loading area.

For warehouse inside illumination, our intelligent warehouse LED lighting range of low glare UFO high bay fixtures, standard high bay light, and low bay light fixtures offer high efficiency, affordable lighting solutions which harvest available daylight, or use smart control to back intelligent lighting for aisle or storage area by our intelligent motion sensor/PIR sensor high bay lights. Both standard non-waterproof and high IP ratings (IP65) and integral Emergency solutions for all ranges can be deployed where necessary.

Warehouse Lighting Solutions

1. Standard warehouse lighting adopts asymmetric/symmetric floodlights, linear high bay lights, low bay lights, UFO high bay lights to illuminate over warehouse storage and operation area to achieve certain brightness required.

2. Warehouse intelligent lighting includes microwave sensor/motion sensor high bay light/low bay and emergency luminaires.

SHINERAY microwave high bay lights is highly sensitive, for projects, the lights can work in a system by connection of sensors on the fixtures. once any motion is detected by the sensors, the motion signal will be transmitted to other sensors connected. In this way, all sensors will switch on the lamps at the same time, this saves a lot of time and trouble by single sensor’s switching on the lamps in the area where the motion is detected.

The intelligent sensor can also detect the brightness value during daytime, if there is already sufficient natural light, the sensor does not switch on the lights, this helps avoid waste of energy of improper lighting when surrounding natural lights are bright enough.

Its intelligence is much more than this, when matched with a 0-10V or 1-10V dimmable driver, the high bay/low bay fixtures can realize 3-step dimming function, which is highly important and necessary for illumination of areas that requires a obvious light change notice before switching off. Workers can adjust their work accordingly without trouble of sudden light-off.

SHINERAY newest generation of 5.8GHz microwave sensor high bay/low bay lights can easily reach mounting high up to 15m. Kindly check the following picture for different modes of sensor and related detail.

3. Emergency Backup Lighting adopts built-in rechargeable Li-on batteries kits and intelligent control driving unit, to realize automatic detection of lamp working. When the lamps are backed by grid, the the battery will not supply power to fixture, but when the power is cut off, the intelligent controlling unit will trigger on the emergency kit to work at the same time, thus the lamp will be backed up by the batteries. Time duration is usually 1.5 to 3 hours based on different setting. Emergency high bay luminaires are especially needed for some key sectors in industry where lighting is required to ensure not even a second cut-off, especially some high hazard zones.

What is most suitable for warehouse lighting?

To light up a warehouse with high lumen output and energy-saving luminaire, LED high bay/low bay/multi-bay light is a good alternative to traditional high and low bay lighting.

Following steps will help you to choose the right LED luminaires for warehouse:

1. Difference between high-bay and low-bay lighting:

LED high bay light is used to illuminate large and spacious areas, and low bay light is for low-ceiling areas. Whether you need high-bay or low-bay lighting is determined by the ceiling height of the warehouse.

For ceiling height above 15–20 feet, high bay light is needed, otherwise, better choose low bay light. Our UFO high-bay lights can suit spaces in need of both high-bay and low bay lights, which are referred to as multi-bay luminaires. Our linear high bay lights are applied for areas with aisles between high storage shelves. With low fixture height and a wide variety of beam angles, linear high bay lights can also be used for low bay lighting.

2. Light fixture layout design and expected luminosity:

Layout design is crucial for an excellent lighting performance of the lamps installed in a warehouse. A certain level of lux and lamp quantity used will decide the lamp wattage and the luminous flux needed.

3. Illuminated area and warehouse height

Different type of illuminated area requires different corresponding lumen output lamp fixtures. For warehouse working area, 500 average lux will be recommended for bright and sufficient lighting to improve workers’ work environment, but for storage area, 300lux is usually enough.

• 3- 5m mounting height--- 10,000 to 15,000lm high bay;

• 5-8m mounting height--- 15,000 to 20,000lm high bay,

• >8m mounting height--- over 22,000lm high bay.

4. Spacing and number of lights

The spacing between lights is also crucial in choosing LED high bay lights. Here are examples for certain height and spacing lighting fixtures relationship below:

• 4-5m height--- around 3-4m spacing for bright lighting, and 4-5m spacing for normal lighting

• 6m height--- around 4-5m spacing for bright lighting, and 5-6m spacing for normal lighting

• 9-10m height--- around 6-7m spacing for bright lighting, and 7-8m spacing for normal lighting

Based on the spacing between lights, the number of lights can be confirmed, then with expected luminosity (or power/lumen output) and mounting height known, a layout can be created for lighting distribution simulation.

  • Metal Factory LED Lighting

    Metal Factory LED Lighting

    UFO high bay lights provides a perfect energy saving solution for factory LED lighting. Under harsh environment with high temperature, dust or even corrosive substance, UFO highbay can work with good reliability and long lifespan with feature of easy maintenance. This project is finished by our Germany customer in Freiburg im Breisgau, a small city in southwest Germany. Although the climate there is mild, this 210PCS of UFO high bay luminaires are used in a metal factory, where workshop temperature is high and in certain area a lot of dust there. Considering the working environment, this customer chose this highly ventilated UFO high bay with excellent cooling system. With luminous efficacy 140lm/W, the luminaires installed at height of 8m and 10m are perfect for their workshop and stock area lighting requirements. For factory lighting, we have different series of high bay or low bay luminaires targeting at different features, for places with excessive moistures, for high temperature places, or for dusty places. Our customized solutions will be based on what you have and what you need.
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