LED Street Lighting is an efficient replacement of conventional HPS, MH lamps to make the traffic and obstructions on the road clearly visible in order to reduce accidents and promote safety.

The principle designing a high quality street lighting is different from that of indoor lighting. There are no walls or ceiling to reflect light, so hard shadows and high contrast is inevitable. Because street lights are to illuminate large areas, high level of illumination is not necessary, because firstly one will not likely to look continuously at an object, secondly it is the impression of whole scene that is required.

Not like interior lighting, for street lighting the objects are seen in relatively bright background. Because of the low illumination, the eyes will be super sensitive and so glare must be avoided.
  • Seaside Road LED Lighting

    Seaside Road LED Lighting

    Street lighting for coastal cities, especially seaside road lighting can be challenging and needs to be supplied LED street lights withe features of anti-corrosion and with low wind resistance. Reason lies in the special location, roads by the seaside are usually troubled by the high percentage of salt in high humidity environment, and the wind from the sea is super strong. These will lead to destructive influence to LED street lamps in the long run. Just considering the above points, our customer chose the two models SR-STS-A50W and SR-STS-A150W for this lighting project in Hainan Island. The luminaire has attractive design with aesthetics and excellent lighting performance. With standard luminous efficacy 110lm/W, it fully met customers' expectation regarding luminous intensity.   Over 600PCS of this model were adopted for the project with very positive feedback from customer, and they expected next cooperation less than half a year later for another government bidding lighting project.
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