Designing sports lighting involves professional lighting design as well as high quality LED sports high mast floodlights. It is very important that correct lighting level is determined on the basis of customers' demands and under related sports lighting standards, for example EN12193 for Europe.

Nowadays, problem is that although as energy efficient solution, LED Luminaires are usually applied to all kinds of sports fields, unfortunately, many are not up to standards, non-uniform lighting of the sports field, low luminosity (not up to the standard), too much glare for athletes and audience, or failure of thermal management. And for many lighting contractors or users, they often consider the energy savings(kilowatts) achieved by the LED sports high mast floodlights they use, but ignores the fact that professional sports lighting is much more than this.

Our LED high mast floodlights are designed with different features targeting different customers’ requirements. A wide range of compact design, rotatable modular design sports lighting floodlights with high luminous efficacy and excellent thermal management can offer you multiple choices for your sports lighting applications.  

  • School Football Pitch Lighting

    School Football Pitch Lighting

    Besides a certain level of illuminance, sports lighting requires uniform lighting distribution and good control of glare as well. Uniformity and glare control are crucial for the success of a professional lighting design. This lighting project is a 11-A-side school football pitch. The football pitch size is as follows: With length of 108m and width of 72m, we recommended 8 poles, with 12PCS of 500W LED sports floodlights, pole height 25m. For luminaire, we recommended the compact sports floodlights of us, the greatest advantage of the model is with compact size but highly efficient cooling system, standard luminous efficacy is 110-135mlm/W, for some customers who need higher lumen output, we also can customize it 170lm/W for higher configuration, however, for this customer, 130lm/W with Lumileds SMD5050 is chosen considering that the performance is enough for the project requirements and cost is reasonable as well. 12PCS of 500W on each pole, 8 high masts in total, 30 degree beam angle with Lumileds LED and Mean Well driver for 5 years warranty, the customer spoke highly of the project once the installation is finished. For such high mast sports lighting, we offer customer lighting simulation for them to make a decision of the model they need, and analyze the different configuration of each price level, and compare the budget, finally customer can have a good control of cost as well as choosing the most suitable high mast lighting luminaires for their projects.
  • Seaside Soccer Field Lighting

    Seaside Soccer Field Lighting

    Seaside LED lighting is very different from ordinary sites' lighting application. Costal area is usually of high salt, and higher degree of corrosion. Beach LED lighting or island LED lighting needs LED lamp with non-corrosive and lower wind resistance features. Corrosion resistant LED floodlights and low wind resistance LED floodlights in this way are what we need for such severe environment lighting application. This seaside soccer field lighting project is located only 500 meters away from the sea. The soccer field administration club expected to install anti-corrosion outdoor floodlights which can light up the fields with excellent lighting uniformity, little glare, and also high reliability and durability in such harsh coastal area, where the high salt moisture and strong wind will cause serious corrosion and safety problem of the luminaires. After careful lighting simulation and considering customer's requirements, we recommended 400W compact LED stadium lights. Our compact design high power LED floodlighting outdoor luminaires are designed to withstand high salt and moisture content, and fluctuating temperatures. This series has excellent waterproof sealing and corrosion resistance performance. To ensure anti-corrosion, this series of sports LED floodlighting luminaire has undergone salt spray testing to check corrosion resistance of materials and surface coatings. This accelerated environmental test simulates years of exposure to corrosive salt in order to evaluate the suitability of the materials for use in harsh environments, therefore ensuring the long life of our products in applications near the sea. SHINERAY has been focusing on the research and manufacturing of outdoor floodlights for different applications. With our sports LED luminaires, customers will get customized LED sports lighting solutions for the benefit of athletes, spectators and sports field administration. We deliver beneficial sports lighting that is sustainable and with 60-70% energy savings. Moreover, supplying arenas, sports fields, and any sporting event with lower operating costs and a far better lighting effect.
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