• Application of UFO High Bay Lights in Industrial Factory Lighting Project

    Application of UFO High Bay Lights in Industrial Factory Lighting Project

    May 9th, 2019
    Recently, we received a customer's feedback for the industrial high bay lighting project with our unique design square UFO high bay luminaire 100W, 150W, and 200W equipped in their factory and logistic center, which covers an area of 30,000 square meters. To reduce the lighting energy costs, lighting maintenance costs and also to increase the lux levels in certain areas, we are invited by an old customer to complete an assessment of their site, and then to propose lighting design for their existent metal halide fixture replacement into LED highbay lights, and also install new LED lamps. Therefore, the whole project consists of two parts: traditional 400 watt metal halide fixture replacement, and new LED high bay fittings installation. Total lamp quantity of the industrial plant high bay lighting project: 352PCS of 100W UFO high bay lights, 60°; 155pcs of 150W UFO high bay lamps, 90°; 830PCS of 200W UFO high bay lights, 120°; In 2014, when the factory was put into operation, they installed metal halide high bay fixtures instead of maintenance-free industrial LED high bays, after years of operation, the disadvantages of traditional lamps came out. Although some may have relatively high lumen output, but the fixture's useful lumens downward to the ground is very limited, and some are not so high efficiency. The metal halide lights usually need high and deep reflector to reflect the light to the ground, but the reflection rate is very low and lots of lumens have been wasted. Unlike other applications, some key departments of this factory have to keep lights on 24 hours by seven days a week, thus frequent breakdown of the metal halide lights became a big problem. Eventually, when they planned a building renovation and factory expansion, they decided to replace all the old metal halide lamps into LED high bay lights, and install new LED high bay fixtures for the new factory buildings. We provide tailored lighting proposal to meet the individual needs of the customer. With sleek design, uniform light distribution, good colour rendering, optimal lighting of the area, minimal obtrusive light in the surroundings, this series of 5 years warranty IP65 waterproof UFO highbay got highly positive praise from customer.
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  • Super Bright Graphene LED UFO High Bay Lights Applied in Machinery Factory Lighting Project

    Super Bright Graphene LED UFO High Bay Lights Applied in Machinery Factory Lighting Project

    June 12th, 2019
    Manufacturing facility lighting is very important for the productivity and safety of work. To get an excellent lighting performance, James, our new customer who was introduced by another old customer, came to us for a proper industrial factory lighting solution. After making clear of the factory luminaire mounting height and expected lighting requirements, our customer requested us to propose an LED high bay lighting solution for them. For this project, the factory representative showed great interest in a new model of graphene UFO high bay luminaires developed by our engineer recently. Unlike traditional LED high bay lights usually made of aluminum, this IP65 waterproof graphene high bay lights adopt a totally new material graphene as the heat sink for excellent heat dissipation and as well as light weight. The lifespan of LED lights is determined by their ability to rapidly disperse heat as well as for the reliability of LED chip and power supply. The ability to remove this heat, or the so-called heat dissipation, is an important parameter in designing higher quality LED lights which affects their performance. Graphene is a wonder material of the 21st century, it is the most thermally conductive material ever discovered. We make us of the heat property of graphene for graphene lighting we harness graphene’s properties, to quickly dissipate the heat generated by the LED chip. Compared with aluminum lamp body, graphene fixture can be lighter in weight and more compact in size. This breakthrough graphene heat dissipation technology allows us to place a stronger focus on innovative designs. Our graphene LED UFO high bay lights have a luminous efficacy of over 160lm/W and super slim design and light weight, with scientifically designed high efficiency optics for the factory lighting application. Project Name: machinery factory industrial LED lighting project Project Lamp Quantity: 88PCS of 150W graphene UFO LED high bay lights 105PCS of 200W graphene UFO LED high bay lights High Bay Lights Installation Height: 8m for 150W graphene UFO lights and 12m for 200W graphene UFO lights.
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  • Portugal Volleyball Court LED Lighting Project with High Lumen UFO Fixtures

    Portugal Volleyball Court LED Lighting Project with High Lumen UFO Fixtures

    May 17th, 2019
    For years, the volleyball stadium in Faro, Portugal had been using the old traditional lamps for their indoor volleyball court lighting. Until recently, our classical UFO high bay fixtures arrived there after 2 months they finalized the project design with us. The old dim lighting is now history, volleyball players can show their sports capability to the best, and spectators no longer need to endure the poor environment. We replaced old lamps for the training halls, in total 80PCS of 150W high bay UFO fixtures, and 60PCS of 200W lamps for the central hall. SHINERAY provides high quality volleyball court lighting solution to customers for amateur match, recreational match, or professional tournament. High level of indoor and outdoor volleyball field lighting is necessary to create a pleasing and professional environment for both volleyball players and spectators. For optimized venue lighting at night, superior volleyball court LED lights are needed. Our volleyball court UFO high bay lights have high lumen output and high lighting uniformity, the bright and uniform illumination of the volleyball field got highly positive feedback from customer, "Compared with traditional lamp poor lighting in the past, now the new LED UFO high bay light now gives this volleyball stadium new life with uniform lighting with high brightness , now we can provide excellent lighting performance volleyball courts to all our dear athletes and spectators." manager of the stadium operation office, Vincent said. How is this realized by our UFO volleyball court light? Our volleyball court lighting LED high bay UFO of us has high light efficiency, a unique reflector design with excellent heat transfer efficiency and energy saving. The illuminance with lower glare can provide with a professional and comfortable lighting environment. The fin structure heat dissipation expands LED heat dissipation area, but effectively reduces the LED light decay, it is the best choice for indoor sports stadium lighting, like for volleyball hall lighting, badminton hall lighting, indoor tennis court lighting, indoor basketball court lighting, indoor comprehensive stadium lighting and other indoor sports venue lighting.
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  • 670PCS of Die-cast Street Lights Supplied to Hainan Toursist Resort Project

    670PCS of Die-cast Street Lights Supplied to Hainan Toursist Resort Project

    Nov 28,2019.
    With the positive feedback of the samples supplied three months ago from contractor of the bidding for Hainan tourist resort, formal purchasing order had been placed and the whole batch of street lights has been finished now with excellent lighting performance. The outdoor high lumen 150W LED street lights and 50W street lights were highly praised by customer. The road is four lane road with lamp poles in the center, fixtures adopted are 150W and 50W LED street lights. Considering the seaside salt environment, the customer chose the IP65 die-cast aluminum street light with power-coating and with Type 316 stainless screws. With high system durability, the waterproof LED street lamps are ideal choice for this seaside road lighting project. Anticorrosion and effective cooling system make the lights suitable for seaside installation. Before shipment, we had strict quality control over the whole production process, and long time aging test for the goods to ensure good quality.
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