Super Bright Graphene LED UFO High Bay Lights Applied in Machinery Factory Lighting Project
June 12th, 2019

Manufacturing facility lighting is very important for the productivity and safety of work. To get an excellent lighting performance, James, our new customer who was introduced by another old customer, came to us for a proper industrial factory lighting solution.

After making clear of the factory luminaire mounting height and expected lighting requirements, our customer requested us to propose an LED high bay lighting solution for them.

For this project, the factory representative showed great interest in a new model of graphene UFO high bay luminaires developed by our engineer recently. Unlike traditional LED high bay lights usually made of aluminum, this IP65 waterproof graphene high bay lights adopt a totally new material graphene as the heat sink for excellent heat dissipation and as well as light weight.

Graphene Technology in LED Lighting Application

The lifespan of LED lights is determined by their ability to rapidly disperse heat as well as for the reliability of LED chip and power supply. The ability to remove this heat, or the so-called heat dissipation, is an important parameter in designing higher quality LED lights which affects their performance. Graphene is a wonder material of the 21st century, it is the most thermally conductive material ever discovered. We make us of the heat property of graphene for graphene lighting we harness graphene’s properties, to quickly dissipate the heat generated by the LED chip. Compared with aluminum lamp body, graphene fixture can be lighter in weight and more compact in size. This breakthrough graphene heat dissipation technology allows us to place a stronger focus on innovative designs.

Our graphene LED UFO high bay lights have a luminous efficacy of over 160lm/W and super slim design and light weight, with scientifically designed high efficiency optics for the factory lighting application.

Project Name: machinery factory industrial LED lighting project

Project Lamp Quantity: 88PCS of 150W graphene UFO LED high bay lights

105PCS of 200W graphene UFO LED high bay lights

High Bay Lights Installation Height: 8m for 150W graphene UFO lights and 12m for 200W graphene UFO lights.

Machinery Plant LED Lighting High Bay Luminaires Case Study

150W Graphene UFO Lights LED Lighting Project

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